Our Products

With Transformative capital and a deep involvement strategy, we are committed to staying biased towards action and pulling the best resources together to help Indian entrepreneurs deliver audacious results.

Revolo has a diverse clientele- from Multinationals to Startups;

The UFO Entrepreneurship Program is created for the age group 13+ years.

Inclite automates the entire student lifecycle in a University, School, or Institute. It issecured.

Parsel is an affordable cloud based platform focused on the complete product life cycle for B2B/B2C & 3PL industries

Farmhive is the marketing hub, e-marketplace, and an aggregator in its truest form for all market players such as farmers, traders,

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Email us directly at [email protected] we’ll discuss these deals once a week and get back to you if we find the proposition interesting. You can speak to our founders, understand more about us. We definitely provide more weightage to these deals.

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